Swirling colors and flickering lights
You can be someone else just for one night
Behind these masks the truth will hide
By certain rules we must abide
Step one request a dance
Moving close you take your chance
To steal a kiss from an unknown stranger fleeting passion, 
A thrill of danger behind these masks the truth will hide
By certain rules we must abide


Happy Hols!

Can’t believe that my holiday is left with about a week! O gosh! It’s such a short break! I still have tons of things to do, I haven’t even started on my reports and tutorial that are due when school reopens, totally got no mood to do any school work. And I think I’m real dead when school reopens, gonna feel so shag for school since this break is so short for me! UGH! Those school work are such a bother, can’t they just have a peaceful short break and let us enjoy as much as we can?
People enjoy the rest of your holidays as much as you can, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Sweets Of Christmas♥

Chocolate cake & Vanilla panna cotta that I made.

My maternal relatives came to my house for celebration on Christmas eve, so I made chocolate cakes and vanilla Panna cotta using one day and night with the help my sisters. I was feeling nervous in the process of making them as it’s my first time making them therefore I’m afraid that I would fail but it turn out well! 😀 And I made an extra chocolate cake for our neighbor in exchange for the indian food that they gave us. All my relatives said that the desserts were very nice and were very encouraging, that’s why I love them!♥ We ate/enjoyed good food, played basketballs, watch transporter3 together, no thing much but homely and it’s enough for me:)


Peter pan figurine from mum!

Ted Baker watch from Mum.

Care bear from mum.

Both the watch and care bear are not counted as my Xmas present, just showing them as I received them during christmas:)

Speaker from Uncle Marcus & Aunty Emily!

From Nigel!

From Joyce!

Got scones from Stephen and they are very nice! Gonna update the picture of it next time:)

Hope you guys had fun and enjoyed your Christmas. and got lots of present! Merry Christmas!★


Front view of my dress for dinner, from Ted Baker.

Back view of my dress.

Last night was 2010 dinner and dance, Jessica, Tze Vei, sin wei and Jessica han went to my house to prepare ourselves for the dinner after the UP your service workshop. I called for two cabs in advanced, they came early ad the time I booked was 6.15pm, the cab drivers waited for very long and made a scene outside my house, we rushed like mad dogs to get ourselves out of the house. The uncle continued complaining after we board the cab, and when we reached orchard hotel he still ask “no extra charge?” even when he had given me my change. I was really furious and just gave him 10 bucks since he was saying that he could have earned 10bucks during the 18mins that he waited for us, it’s like so what the hell!
Then we when to the reception of the dinner, took happily taking pictures with friends until I saw Jeremy, I ran to the side with Jessica, trying to avoid him but then Jessica told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of him and let him know that I’m scared, I agreed with her. So we went back to our bunch of friends and continue to take pictures.
Dinner was announced and we went to take of food, I enjoyed the food, then something spoiled my mood, a became a group of people’s entertainment. One girl tapped on my shoulder, I turned around and saw Jeremy’s friend, she asked me while pointing at Jeremy “You know Jeremy?”, “Jeremy say you today look very pretty?”, “can you help me wave and say hi to him?”. People at Jeremy’s table were laughing, I looked at chef Gary and my friends with pleading eyes. Isit really that amusing to make fun of me? Why can’t they consider others feelings?
I really felt like crying but I held everything back and put on a brave front for the rest of the dinner, but I had already lost my appetite and have to force food that I’ve already taken down my throat.
Lucky we have chef to bring us home after the dinner! 😀



★ Gordon Ramsay Collection: Gordon Ramsay Desserts, Gordon Ramsay Chef’s Secrets, Gordon Ramsay Chef for all seasons.

★ Baking and Pastry: Mastering the art and craft. [CIA Book]

★ Teddies. [Teddy Bears]

★ Polaroid camera.

★ Lomograpy Camera.

★ Carrousel display decoration.

★ Juicy Couture Fairytale watch.

★ Anna Sui products.