Never A Fairytale.

I wish I lived in a fairytale,
So I would find love that doesn’t fail.
But I am stuck in reality
Where people could still betray me
I try to hide to be safe but,
To keep my world hidden and shut,
I would fail to live a happy life
And always be stuck in a strife.
I know now that I shouldn’t wait
But time has passed and it’s too late.

Fonterra Pastry Challenge 2011.

Finally it’s over! Weeks of hard work had paid off for me! Seriously, I still can’t believe that I got third, since a lot of things did not go through smoothly, when I’m done with my dessert I thought that I would get lousy results. The judges were so scary, surround me and watch me do my desserts which made me super nervous. Just feel that I’m not worth the third prize, my friends are more worthy of the prize rather than me, from what I see they seem to put in more effort in this competition than I do.

So the photo above is my dessert, on the left is my cold dessert which is white chocolate rose mousse, the first layer is rose mousse with a short crust base and the second is white chocolate mousse. The dessert was coated with white chocolate ganache and then garnished with marbled chocolate, raspberry and mint leaf. On the right is my hot dessert which is baked katafi chocolate banana served with apple compote and honey mint caviar.

P.S Thank God for letting me experience this competition and help me learn that if I continue to strive, my hard work will pay off.