Me ♥ Tristan!

Dear baby, you’re always able to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling down; sometimes I’m too busy to spend time with you and I’m sorry, but mummy loves you!♥

Infection Sucks.

Don’t know what’s wrong with my body man, got another round of infection.Which is ugh! Why is it that I get infection so easily?! Because my body condition is on the acidic side? When there is infection I’ve to take antibiotics, and/or put the cream and it is a bother, plus painful at the start.

Make It Stop.

Those two is making the family feels like it’s gonna fall apart, how they create tears and quarrels because of them, everything is so messy. Sometimes it’s like he is a total brainless guy and she is a money-face bitch, which is so super disgusting having to be in the same house with them. I hate them for making me feel so dreadful to go home or be at home, having thoughts to move out of the house if I’m able to, resenting my parents at times because of them. I just can’t stand it, I love my family and I don’t wanna feel this way.


Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.
Life is to live,
Love is to trust.
Beauty and peace,
Horror and pain,
All wash away
With the rain.
But memory can’t be washed away,
For it may stay for all of your days.
But don’t forget beauty and peace,
For hurt and hate will make them cease.

Caramel Cream Puffs Goodness!

Wanted to try cream puffs with caramel custard filling for sometime and finally I did it today! 😀 I tried piping the choux pastry into  heart-shaped and it turned out well, did the caramel custard by doing a vanilla custard, a caramel sauce and combining both together. The custard was good but it doesn’t taste like the one I ate before, from the Mr bean pancake. O well still everything turn out great. 🙂