Had my second training today, practiced creaming again and piping rosette and e-style border, starting to master the creaming technique and my piping wasn’t a problem it was acceptable and chef even praised “good” YAY! *Happy dance~* 🙂

 Today’s training wasn’t tough at all in fact it was slack as chef went out to buy some things and guess it’s also because today is Friday! So we were able to end early today and I’m even relaxing doing clay mask now! 😀 Tomorrow marks my weekend which means fun and laughter, no training, no schoolwork no MP! O yeah my cap and rings arrived today, yaynessssssssssss!

P.S Dear Dad why isit that the only thing you ask me every single day is about those work you asked me to do, seriously.

First Training.

Had my first training yesterday, baked Genoise cake at the start and it was a success went to help out Tze Vei and the rest while the cake was cooling. They were having training for their upcoming competition, I helped them to vacuum pack the salmon and some washing up, the fishy smell was overpowering.

I practiced slicing the cake into layers and it was acceptable, then I started practicing on creaming cake from 3plus to 9plus and that’s about 5hours of creaming cake! Have been standing since 10am in the morning to 10 plus at night so reached home at about 11.30pm, my legs were about to surrender at the end of the day they were mad painful.

My dinner yesterday was the dishes that they cooked up during their training, they were super delicious! Yummilicious!


Hans and Loke gave a surprise visit at 3am this morning! While asleep I received a call from Hans and was really shocked when he said that he was outside my house, so after hanging up I wore my contacts and put on clothes. The moment I step out of my house then I was quite awake and regretted what I wore, which is the polka dot hoodie and shorts or my hair looks like shit because of the hair band I wore to sleep. Seriously, I should have worn something that is more presentable.

After talking for a while, we drove to Kovan as they were hungry. Loke’s sense of direction is really poor and we had a good laugh about it! HAHA

Tristan was such good boy! I was so afraid that Tristan would turn aggressive and start barking/attack them but in the end Hans was able to pat him and give him treats, he would even wag his tail when he go to Hans however he growls at Loke though not sure why hmm.

Went to some funeral dinner and sat together with my cousins, it’s been so long since we got together and talked so much with so much laughter. Hearing stories from my cousins I was kind of envious of my second uncle’s family, the siblings relationship of my cousins because they have such good relationships and do a lot of things together.