In Your Arms.



Oh boy I’m starting attachment on Tuesday and I’m totally not prepared at all and I didn’t even get a good rest before it’s gonna start, so many things happened in these few days even had to redo report, so hectic. Feels stress and pressurized by chef, there isn’t a day he wouldn’t remind me that my attachment date is getting nearer and tell me that I better do a good job. Oh man hope I don’t screw up and better be on time. :/ Knew that it would be tough getting work on this line/working as a chef, wish that four months would pass in super sonic speed. Then after attachment I gotta think about what to do after I graduate haissssss. How I wish I can enjoy life and not have a care in the world like my dogs! O and praying hard that I have off day on the 27th so I can attend the partyyyyyyyy!