14 FEB, Day Filled With L.O.V.E.♥

Although we didn’t spend Valentine’s day together due to his work, I’m still happy that there”s at least expression from Hun, in fact I’m really touched by what he did. Was still feeling kinda insecure before Valentine’s day as we just got together so was really surprised by when he came over just to give me the flowers and the bear, truth be told it never crossed my mind that he would have such expression. He came over to my house after work on the 13th but was past midnight so it’s the 14th, and luckily I was just done with the card I made for him so I could pass him and I bought Jay’s earpiece as a gift~ heee

In Mum's room getting started.

End product of the card.

Bouquet of flowers with the bear.

Happiness that can't be described fully.♥

Hun named the bear Ding Ding

P.S Love is one thing we can’t control.


Hugs Works Best.♥

When I’m silent it means that I might me over thinking things and feeling down, and at times like this I don’t need words from you, a big tight hug from you would be the best consolation.