I Miss You More Than I’d Like To Admit.

I wanna spend more time with you but it seems so hard to do just that, hate it when we are not able to meet for days. Most of the time it just feels so lonely without you but I couldn’t say it out because there isn’t a choice as you need to work. Guess there’s too much time on hand to think about things and making myself feel lonely. :/


I just wish that somehow all those memories will be gone or this crying will erase them all. Don’t wanna be reminded of it and feel all these sucky feelings anymore, I’m sick and tired of it, really sick and tired. Those hurt I felt all those times you wouldn’t understand, it will always be a prick inside me.

A Night At Barracks.

Me & Yi

This cousin of mine who is of the same age as me has a bad mouth, nothing comes out good from his mouth haha but he is important to me. And he was complaining that he has a really flat nose on our way to Barracks, what he said was really hilarious

Xiao Yi & Jasmine


My younger sister had the chicken leg and the strips thingy on top was really nice but we had no idea what it was. :/

Warm chocolate toffee cake

This was to most delicious dessert among all the other desserts we had, I really like it!:)

P.S The truffle fries was absolute yummy, and I’m craving it now. Salivating…



I’m waiting for my boyfriend to cook me my childhood favorite macaroni ABC, seems like I have to wait forever.


Had Udders just now with my cousin and apparently she is currently studying at SIM, told me that she heard that I’m applying for SIM and asked if I’m applying for UOL or RMIT. Told her that the banking and finance course I’m applying for is under UOL, and was told that knowing me I would regret applying for UOL and most probably would keep skipping classes. She just had to tell me that I would regret applying when I’ve been thinking if I really wanna apply for SIM and have been procrastinating on filling up my application form. Totally have no interest in financial stuffs man. Sighhh… this is not helping at all.

And I don’t really wanna apply for SIT too although the course is about culinary, feels that it doesn’t really help and working would be a better choice. However my parents doesn’t think so and want me to study, saying that I’m still too young to work, studying would be better for me.

Actually I’m really in a dilemma to which path should I take, culinary or banking. Although banking would get me a job with a better pay but I have no interest in it. Sighhhh… decisions, decisions, decisions….