Sparkling Day.♥

BF came over to my house at midnight to celebrate with me

Met bf for lunch at Manhanttan fish market

Ordered grilled dory and ate all my carrots, so proud of myself

Played arcade with bf, surprisingly my basketball skills are better than him but of course his shooting skills are better.

Went Cherry Garden at Mandarin Oriental hotel for dinner with family, the foods were really delicious

Bf treated me to dinner at Graze the next day♥

Warm chocolate pudding with a candle ♥


Necklace from bf♥

Makeup sets and glitter eyeliners from Joyce♥

Necklace from mummy♥


BF B’dae~

Baked a cake with mango mousse and passionfruit curd

Had Din Tai Fung, always so yummy

Went to The Cathay for a Movieee

Head down to Le bistrot du Sommelier for dinner

Foie gras terrine & cote de boeuf that never fails to be yummy~

Went back home for cake cutting

And of course presents!

Handmade birthday card


Okay it’s my birthday today, my boyfriend just came over to surprise me at the stroke of midnight with a cake, a bear, bouquet of pink roses, present. It’s actually the first time someone came over at midnight on my birthday specially for me and I’m really happy♥. Sent him off, talked over the phone, watched kuroko no basuke and beelzeebub and had a hot shower.

Somehow I feel that as I get older I don’t look forward on my birthday and getting all excited about it as I used to, is it only me that feel this way? But still I look forward to those birthday wishes they just make me feel loved!:) And guess it’s another year without a birthday wish from someone I truly want to hear from.

Omg just didn’t realise its’s 4am already I should be hitting the sack now otherwise my dark circles will be getting worse than it already is. 😦 Gonna meet boyfriend in the afternoon for lunch, head back home in the evening to have dinner out with family at Cherry Garden♥ hopefully the food is good. 🙂 Goodnighties~!♥

P.S Birthday is the only day that makes you feel really special, hearts. 🙂

My Baby Boy♥

Such a cutie pie when he was a puppy!♥




Losers Gossip.

On our way to Batam my cousin told me that my paternal aunties have been gossiping about me and I was pissed when she told me in details. Those aunties have mouths as though they are born to gossip, their mouths have nothing better to do than gossips, all they do with their mouths are just gossips. That’s why I hate getting together with my paternal relatives they are a same bunch of people who judges and waiting for you to do something wrong so they can gossip. You can never imagine their gossiping power and how fast news travels in that family. Those relatives do really like to do their own storytelling, making up their own stories of others, smearing those people’s reputation. Hoping you guys would just fuck off from my life which doesn’t concern any of you.

Dear aunties my boyfriend Check-in on facebook at my house doesn’t mean that he stayed over, he just came over to pass me presents so don’t be in self-illusion and goes around saying that “Huh Joan and her boyfriend just got together for 4months and he stayed over” Just shut the fuck up already.

And I’m really amazed at how you guys’ mind are able to make up stories, going around telling others that I got dead drunk home. HELLO AUNTIES ARE YOU GUYS ON THE FUCKING RIGHT MIND?! It’s been ages since I last went out drinking and I don’t go home when I’m dead drunk. Can’t figure out how you guys are able to make up such a story. A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR YOU GUYS, I’M AMAZED.

You guys are such losers so I’m sorry you guys don’t get any respect from me as my elders. All your families are so broken up so I don’t think you guys have the right to comment on my life right? And I didn’t gossip about all your family matters when it’s all so messy  so why do that to me? Really regretted accepted those facebook requests, restrictions settings set.

P.S Great, now I’m dreading on paternal gatherings anymore.