Okay it’s my birthday today, my boyfriend just came over to surprise me at the stroke of midnight with a cake, a bear, bouquet of pink roses, present. It’s actually the first time someone came over at midnight on my birthday specially for me and I’m really happy♥. Sent him off, talked over the phone, watched kuroko no basuke and beelzeebub and had a hot shower.

Somehow I feel that as I get older I don’t look forward on my birthday and getting all excited about it as I used to, is it only me that feel this way? But still I look forward to those birthday wishes they just make me feel loved!:) And guess it’s another year without a birthday wish from someone I truly want to hear from.

Omg just didn’t realise its’s 4am already I should be hitting the sack now otherwise my dark circles will be getting worse than it already is. 😦 Gonna meet boyfriend in the afternoon for lunch, head back home in the evening to have dinner out with family at Cherry Garden♥ hopefully the food is good. 🙂 Goodnighties~!♥

P.S Birthday is the only day that makes you feel really special, hearts. 🙂