People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.



Took a drive to Bukit Timah Saddle Club today and saw a teenage girl taking a horse out for a walk, it was a grey spotted horse and it’s huge. Love the sound when the horse walks, the sound of the horseshoe hitting the ground. Mannn can’t wait to learn riding with my sisters, I’m hyped~! 😀

Scrumptious Food.♥

Went to Tanglin mall with mummy and Joyce to have lunch at LP + Tetsu restaurant and it’s a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. The experience there was awesome, the food was extremely tasty with the display of different  molecular gastronomy techniques, they had good service and the servers would give an introduction to every dish served. My sister kept saying that the food is really nice that she wants to cry throughout the meal  haha okay exaggerating, and she would definitely come back to the restaurant. HAHA So I ordered the Simply LP+Tetsu set, Joyce ordered the Encounter set and mummy ordered the ala-carte Bonito fish. 


Sea salt Brioche and French baguette served with nori olive oil

Different flavor spheres on Parmesan tart, bursting flavors!

Veloute with crispy bread


Raspberry marmalade and lemon cream with crumble

The Encounter set:

Cauliflower cream 

Mackerel with bamboo shoots and rice puree

Tempura mackerel with rice puree

Add on cheese box: Melted Rebochon cheese with apple marmalade

Panna cotta with apple sorbet and cinnamon apples

The Simply LP + Tetsu set:

Crab bar with nashi pear

Bean sprouts with roasted peanuts and soya curd, and Katsu tuna cheeks

Modern sushi

Confit duck and Parmentier served with potato espuma 

Melted cheese with pistachio wrapped with filo pastry, served with crispy bread

White chocolate, meringue, cinnamon pear and pear ice cream. The white chocolate dome melted from the hot pear sauce. This dessert is super nice!

Bonito Fish:

Lightly grilled fish with crispy ginger and daikon


People around me have been buying gifts for me! Boyfriend bought the weekly calender, pen, markers, polaroid album and clips, hooks to hang the polaroid films. Mummy bought a customised necklace and younger sis bought the bambi keychain for me! Feel so blessed.♥


Some people are uncomfortable with silences. Not me. I’ve never cared much for call and response. Sometimes I will think of something to say and then I ask myself: is it worth it? And it just isn’t.

Mornings Are Dreadful.


Hate it when I have to wake up early in the morning, they are just dreadful and the worse part is when I don’t even sleep early! I just can’t and hate waking up in the morning, prefers to be a nocturnal then a diurnal. How ever am I gonna survive when school starts and I’m having 8.30AM lessons plus my school is so super far away. Goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…sighhhhh…

Food For Thought.

Decided to have lunch with Mummy and Joyce at Food for thought located at Botanic gardens, we got lost for a good time and finally found it. *tiring* We ordered a Chinese chicken salad and it was depressing when I saw it although there are vibrant colors, the chicken was boiled without and seasonings, the texture of the whites of the egg was kinda crumbly and they don’t have enough sauce for the salad. The pastas that me and mummy ordered was still okay and Joyce’s pancakes too. I had high hopes for the red velvet cake but it turned out to be such a let down. :/

The Menu

Chinese chicken salad

Garlic prawns with red capsicum linguine

Basil Almond Chicken Linguine

Dark chocolate and raspberry pancakes.

Red velvet cake.