Dinner on Tuesday with boyfriend at Garden by the bay, Pollen has to be cancelled and boyfriend had already made reservations for dinner! It’s all because of the stupid school changing the Poa lesson on Thursday to Tuesday night 7pm-10pm. You’re not suppose to have lesson to that late although it’s only one night! Those for live far from school will reach home at what 11plus?

And I think I’m giving up on econs, went for lesson today and the lecture hall was packed so I had to sit at the second last row of the large lecture hall. Sitting at the back means that I can’t see anything the lecturer was writing on the paper and what he was talking was like a foreign language to me so I just munched on my gummies, guess I’m just gonna flunk my econs paper at the main exam next year.


Tell Me Something I Understand.

I don’t understand why my parents are so against about Tristan sleeping with me at night. I’m so emotionally unstable these few weeks and I feel like crying for every single thing, especially school I don’t understand why I’m feeling so bad about it. And I have to study every night so I just wanna have Tristan to accompany me when I study so I can feel like there is someone with me if not I will just cry every single study session, Tristan could even play with me during my small study break.

They said I can bring other dogs with me because their small and Tristan needs to guard the house, I mean I didn’t buy Tristan back for the sake of guarding the house PLEASE! Also the other dogs are either really noisy/whiny or they would sleep like a log the moment they step into the room. Told them that I really need Tristan with me if not I would keep crying and not study but they don’t listen. They don’t see that Tristan is such cutie, he don’t whine if he needs attention from me he would just come over and put his head on my thigh so that I would pat him, and he don’t disturb me or barks if he wants to go up the bed to sleep, he can hop onto the bed as and when he likes it.

The other time it was because his fur is long so it’s bad for my respiratory now after his grooming you tell me he needs to guard the house, you guys are just trying to weave excuses one after another.


Sent Tristan off for grooming today and was worried about him because he is always not good with strangers let alone I’m not with him, he must be really scared. Thank god he returned safely, he looked younger and smaller after his hair cut! And Mr. Strawberry boy has been approved of sleeping with me tonight with his short furrr. Great! 😀 Yahh my cutie boy! *kisses* 

First Day.

Alright today was my first day of school at SIM studying Bachelor of Banking & Finance. Had three of 3hours lesson today so it was 8.30am – 6.30pm of school for me and only half and hour of break in between each lesson which means only toilet breaks for me after each lesson. It was sort of a good start, I had to make new friends in every subject class as it’s a different bunch of people for every subject, and that’s a tiring job. And I find that 3hours for each lesson is really torturous, find myself dozing off for the first hour and had to struggle to keep myself awake, I’ll be full awake again after the break that lecturer gave us. Guess I have to study every night, hope that I will be able to do it though:/

P.S Gonna study now, kay bye. x