Ponder, Wonder.

So I’ve been assigned a task from mummy, which is to order both my sisters birthday cake and places for dinner on their birthdays which falls on October and 3days apart. She specifically told me to get a Croquembouche for my younger sister and so far the only place I know that sells Croquembouche is The Patissier, choosing a cake for my younger sister is easy task just get something dog related will do on the other hand choosing a cake for my elder sister it’s more challenging and I’m thinking giraffe? Hmm… as for dinner I don’t have any places in mind yet but we won’t be eating Chinese food. Think, think, think…



Dine out with my sister after my driving lesson on Saturday, so I chose Beets located at Tanglin village of dempsey hill which serves modern vegetarian food, boyf ended work early so he came to join us for dinner:). And I think I made a good choice since my sister is a pescatarian who occasionally eats only chicken, she was really happy about the place and they are pet friendly so we can bring our dogs for their alfresco dining! I have to compliment that the service was very good, the serves are really friendly and don’t find it troublesome to divide the juice into two glasses. 🙂

Complimentary Bruschetta, they knows mind reading? I was craving this that day!

Sunset Beets, freshly squeezed juice! The color is so pretty!

Dumpling Vermicelli Soup

Tofu Burger. It doesn’t lose to any meat burger!

After one bite, okay sorry if it looks gross.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Spicy Tom Yam Pizza. My sister said she have to order this, it’s good and the tom yam was really mild so those who can’t take spiciness are able to eat it.

Vanilla Rice Pudding, I’m not a fan of rice puddings so I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

Molten Cake, with blueberry panna cotta. 



The portions were large so we couldn’t finish our food except my younger sister’s Maple granola, sadly we were too full to order desserts:(. Mummy ate the Eggs benedict and she finds that The Canopy and White Rabbit’s Eggs benedict taste nicer than Hummerston’s, and there were way too much eggs for the Breakfast tostada. Overall the foods aren’t bad and the servers were friendly.

Box of Hummerstons fries

Soup of the day: Fish Chowder

Maple Granola

Breakfast Tostada

Country Eggs Benedict

Eggs Gloria


Surprise from boyfriend on 10/09/12❤

I love them two~❤❤❤

Thanks for sending me home from school after work❤

Boyfriend came to pick me up from school yesterday with theseee!

❤Tummy Filled with Food❤

Had high tea buffet for  lunch with mummy and sisters at Goodwood Park’s L’Espresso and met up with boyfriend for dinner, was craving for Thai food so he brought me to Thai Accent at Vivo city.


They had a variety of finger sandwiches and tapas which are all very delicious! So gooddd to be devourred~ And I have to compliment the manager whom was so considerate and asked if we want a change of table as we chose alfresco dining and there was a bunch of business man smoking near our table.

Thai Accent:

Thai ice tea and Lemon tea
Clear tom tam soup! Spicy goodness, slurpss!
Beef green curry~ The beef was a bit tough but the taste of the curry was goood
Phad Thai, they served the bean sprouts raw which was ewww so we didn’t mix it in.
Asparagus and prawns! My favorite dish~~
Baby slurping down his soup~ 😀
Yupp, we always tend to over order! :/

P.S Didn’t take pictures of the desserts at L’Espresso because I didn’t eat them, okay don’t judge me haha but I’ve to say that had desserts like creme brulee, cakes and cupcakes.

Okayy back to days of eating salads and soups.

Bistro Du Vin & Arteastiq!❤

Spent my Tuesday with boyfriend before my 7-1opm make up lesson, so we had our lunch at Bistro Du Vin walked around town and tea time at Arteastiq! Thank you boyfriend for the 3hours of waiting at my school!

Bistro Du Vin:

The Menu
Complimentary Bread
Red House wine
Burgundian escargots with garlic butter, just kinda scary to be eating them from the shell. :O
Foie gras terrine, it was a really thick piece! I was tired of it halfway through lucky boyfriend was able to finish it. 
Braised beef cheeks in red wine accompanied with mashed potato, the beef cheeks were really soft as if it melts in the mouth. Yumzz!:)
Mashy potato
Char-grilled rib-eye with bernaise, accompanied with fries. The char-grilled taste of the steak was yummy.
Grand Marnier Souffle with vanilla ice cream. The Grand marnier was too strong so it made the souffle bitter, but I liked the roasted almond flakes at the side that made the ice-cream more fragrant


White wine and French rose tea
Boyfriend Melvin yeo qing xiong LOL