10th The Special Day.

Had dinner with mummy, jasmine and joyce at La Luna Rossa to celebrate Joyce’s birthday on the 10th and we enjoyed our dinner there!:)

Pictures taken with Canon 650D

The Menu

Complimentary Bread

Fresh oysters marinated in champagne vinegar

Sea scallops with couscous and black truffle

The treasures inside! This dish is super yummy!

Mummy ate this lamb rack and had a pretty hard time eating it because the lamb taste was extremely strong.

Joyce had this salmon this and it was pretty good.

Ravioli stuffed with lobster served in bisque sauce

Wagyu tenderloin with foie gras in red wine sauce

Matcha Creme Brulee

Fruits salad with Spumante jelly

Warm apple tart with cinnamon gelato

Joyce’s birthday cake! The puppy’s Love croquembouche that I ordered from The Patisserie, it’s so cute!

Oyster Flare.

Went to Oyster bar for dinner to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday with the whole family on the night before her birthday as daddy was gonna fly off to Myanmar on her actual day. However we did celebrate on her actual day by having dinner at La Luna Rossa with only me, mummy and Jasmine.

Pictures taken with Canon 650D

The Menus

Champagne Oysters

 Caramelizing the brown sugar

Oyster MartiniAll the different types of oysters

Tuscan pork belly, only daddy ate them

Lobster Fidelini

Lobster Risotto, this is really yummy especially the lobster which was really sweet.

Oyster bar sliders. There is beef patty with bacon wrapped foie gras served with blue cheese sauce

Wagyu Beef Blades. It’s like the beef cooked in balsamic vinegar sauce served on toast, yummeh~

Tomato & Parmesan Crostini

Chocolate orange lava cake

*gooey gooey*

Mascarpone cheese with fresh strawberries 

The Dark Pulse.

A dark pulse
Seeping into my brain
Cast off into darkness
There will be no reaping

Languid darkness
Sinking deeper into me
Lost in the moonlit night
Awaiting the blood sparrow’s call
Tender and haunting

It’s shallow on the surface
Always lurking
Dwelling deeper

OSO Ristorante.

A lunch date with boyf at Oso ristorante located at Bukit Pasoh rd, it’s quite accessible as it’s just 5mins walk from Outram park MRT station. Went in search for presents for my younger sister’s birthday and a little shopping for ourselves at Plaza Singapura, we kinda end up with big bags and small bags and of course my boyf who dotes on me carried most of the bags HAHA 😀

Pictures taken with Canon 650D

The Menu

Complimentary bread

Spider crab “granchio” meat with mixed vegetables tartar “Venezia” style

Mixed seafood and fish soup in tomato base “cioppino” style, server was nice to divide the soup into two bowls for us. The soup was really salty after a few mouthfuls

“Ravioli” filled with veal in mixed cheese fondue and mushrooms sauce, the sauce was creamy and yummy!

Black truffle “tartufo” risotto and mascarpone cheese. The rice was a little under cooked and the texture was grainy. Regretted not ordering the beef tenderloin instead.

The dessert menu

Was feeling bloated and didn’t want anything heavy for dessert so boyf ordered Lemon Sherbet. It was really refreshing to end the meal.

How’s my photography skills huhh

Posing for me~❤

I Fear Change.

I’m at my limit, I can’t handle it anymore and I’m tired of trying because it’s of no use, started giving up weeks ago. But if I do really quit what I’m suppose to do after that? I keep bombarding myself with so many questions but I can’t answer them. One thing for sure is that I do wanna quit because I can’t continue this any longer I don’t wanna drag it any longer and waste my time, it’s a big mistake I’ve made. Goshh it’s driving me crazy there is not a second I wanna be sober/awake, really… And I do hope that people around me would support my decisions whatever it is, because it is not easy at all making them, and I just know some people would judge me but to hell with them.

P.S Truth be told, living is so much harder than dying..

Guess I’m gonna spam posts soon, have been eating out almost the whole week because of my sisters’ birthday, and boyf lent me his DSLR camera so I’ve been happily playing around with it and took lots of pictures *LOTS*. Will be spamming after I edit the pictures *peace*