Prince Mizu Is 2!

Mizu the prince of the family turned Two years old today, why prince? Because my sister and everyone else treats him like a prince and he really acts like one, too pampered I say! He first came to our family when he was 2months old then he was just so small but now he has grown so big and is a full grown dachshund! So my sister went to buy those part items such as plates, decorations and balloons for this “mini” birthday party and we had Mizu put on his tie collar. My sister made a birthday cake that consists of minced chicken, chicken liver and turkey bacon, as for the frosting it’s made up of honey and goat’s cheese as it doesn’t contain lactose therefore suitable for dogs to consume. 


The cake

IMG_0450Birthday boy chomping down his piece of cake

IMG_0449Forever hungry princess Tehya

IMG_0418Old man Maomao had trouble eating the cake by itself so my sister had to ripped it into pieces and hand feed him.

IMG_0452Hyperactive + forever hungry Roslyn

IMG_0453My baby Tristan who got the biggest slice of cake and I think he was very full eating it.

IMG_0447These are actually photos from my phone, more photos in the camera!



Dinner at Skirt, The boldest grill @W hotel, Sentosa Cove. We were thinking why did we not order any of their steaks when our mains arrived. Anyway I miss their comfy seats! 

Pictures taken with iPhone 5

The Salt & Pepper grinder!

I love their cutlery! So pretty and classy!

Complimentary bread, the seaweed dipping sauce is so yummy!

Grilled king prawns, split and peppered

Shellfish squid ink linguine with shallot cream. This was suppose to be hot starters but it came out cold, I like the shallot cream though.

Maine lobster with grilled fennel and seaweed cream

White bean gnocchi with roasted garlic and truffle sauce. This dish seriously lacks of the sauce, there’s only smears of it.

Flamed Granny smithand thyme granola crumble with caramel liquid.

Overflow Of Words.

Farewells can be shattering, but returns are surely worse. Solid flesh can never live up to the bright shadow cast by its absence. Time and distance blur the edges; then suddenly the beloved has arrived, and it’s noon with its merciless light, and every spot and pore and wrinkle and bristle stands clear.

—Margaret Atwood

Silent Ride For Me.

Right now I just wanna go on a ride with the windows open up and the wind sweep through me, no words no thoughts just let time pass in silence on the roads. Someone give me a ride.


Mummy have been sick on and off for a few months, visiting the doctors frequently but since last week she got a lot worse. She is really weak and spent 3/4 of the time on the bed, when she gets out of bed she would feel giddy like the world is spinning around.

Visiting the doctor almost everyday, different specialist and she suffers from anemia that we all know and some said she suffers from ear fluid imbalance therefore she went to a ear specialist to check on her ear but they were fine. So she went through check ups after check ups and they all turn out fine.

Then she went to the temple on tuesday the person told her it’s some good “friend” problem so she had to pray, after praying she got slightly better and we thought she is gonna recover but sadly no. Till now she can’t fall asleep at night and is still not recovering hence visiting the doctors again. Now she is deem to have anxiety problems and suffers from mild depression due to the lack of certain fluid in the brain. Tonight onwards she will be sleeping in my room with me because she feels stressed out when my dad knows that she can’t sleep, and also I’m not going to school so I can take care of her.

Everyone in the family is tire out now: my elder sister is schooling and she took up the responsibilities to send my younger sister to and fro from school, sometimes sending my mum to the doctor and responsibilities of the house. As for me I have been staying home to train my maids, cook dinner with my maid to teach her, cook porridge for my mum, looking after her and grocery shopping and it’s really hard to do so when I can’t drive.

Maid Troubles.

Okay my house had a change of maids and my new maids didn’t get to meet my old maids so they know nothing about how things goes around in my house. And my mum hasn’t been feeling well recently, she felt really sick just after one day of teaching so she asked me to help her train the maids plus teaching them how to cook because there was only two dish tonight, fish curry and soup.

Today I realised that we have to teach them to the smallest details of things on how things works in the house which is really difficult to do so, for the cooking part I’ve no idea how to teach my maid and for your info she doesn’t know what ingredients are which so it’s impossible for her to learn from recipe books. It’s not that I don’t wanna help it’s just that I don’t know how and feels out of place to do so.

Mummy put me in charge of training the maid because I’m not going to school like whattttt this is so damn troublesome and it’s so awkward that I have to teach them. Thank you mummy for making the “right” choice in not letting the maids meet so that my old maids could just teach them to the smallest details by working with them for a few days. Okayy I seriously miss my old maids. :/

Grrr I hate doing things that are troublesome!

Wonderful Dinner @Le Saint Julien.

Dinner with family on the 13th Oct at Le Saint Julien to celebrate my elder sister’s birthday. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our time there, the service was superb, the server joked with us and really tends to our needs. The food was extremely delicious, most of the starters was chosen by the server himself while we chose the main courses and desserts. It’s a pity that they are closing down, mummy said she wants to go back before they close down and I’m up for it! Stokedd.

Pictures taken with Canon 650D

The Menu

The Set Menu

The different types of oysters: Belon, Ecallie and Oyster tartare

Tomato sorbet that the chef gave us to cleanse our palate after eating those oysters, it’s sweet and tangy I really like it.

Salmon gravlax with dill and caviar

The server decided to serve this Lobster salad to my younger sister as she doesn’t take the gravlax

Condiments for the Signature Lobster Bisque

Andd..tada the main element..Lobster bisque is being poured in..It’s so delicious that I want more!

Escargots on top of the potato served with garlic butter and red wine sauce, sho yummehh

Pan-seared Foie gras with apple compote

Roasted duck breast, leg confit and rilettes served with orange sauce

Lamb Shank 

Roasted halibut with porcini mushroom sauce and rosemary oil

Roasted venison loin and red wine sauce

Roasted cod fish with sea urchin crust served with yellow wine sauce and caviar

Beef tenderloin with caramelised onions and red wine sauce

Flambeing the vanilla creme brulee, burn it up!

Vanilla souffle, warm, fluffy and soft = da best

Caramelised apple tart with olive oil

Crispy Valrhona warm chocolate cake

Complimentary birthday cake

Customized giraffe cake from Cake Avenue Singapore


Closest cousins over at my paternal relatives’ side decided to treat me and my sisters out for dinner and at the same time celebrate my sisters’ birthday. They chose the place for dinner which was Ebisu-Tei located at Mohammed Sultan rd, directly opposite the wine connection. The service was average but the food was good especially the sashimi which were really fresh and tasty!

Pictures taken with Canon 650DLike a cool, we had to take off our shoes!

Salmon, swordfish, yellowtail and scallops. They are so fresh and tastes so sweet

Wafu Hamburg, average tasting


Soft shell crab

Yuzu soba, yumm yumm

Spicy softshell crab handroll, this is super duper spicy but it’s so good somehow makes it addictive

California maki

They are so good that we had to order aagain

Berry berries from Flor Patisserie which was rally good as the sponge was super fluffy and soft.