Wonderful Dinner @Le Saint Julien.

Dinner with family on the 13th Oct at Le Saint Julien to celebrate my elder sister’s birthday. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed our time there, the service was superb, the server joked with us and really tends to our needs. The food was extremely delicious, most of the starters was chosen by the server himself while we chose the main courses and desserts. It’s a pity that they are closing down, mummy said she wants to go back before they close down and I’m up for it! Stokedd.

Pictures taken with Canon 650D

The Menu

The Set Menu

The different types of oysters: Belon, Ecallie and Oyster tartare

Tomato sorbet that the chef gave us to cleanse our palate after eating those oysters, it’s sweet and tangy I really like it.

Salmon gravlax with dill and caviar

The server decided to serve this Lobster salad to my younger sister as she doesn’t take the gravlax

Condiments for the Signature Lobster Bisque

Andd..tada the main element..Lobster bisque is being poured in..It’s so delicious that I want more!

Escargots on top of the potato served with garlic butter and red wine sauce, sho yummehh

Pan-seared Foie gras with apple compote

Roasted duck breast, leg confit and rilettes served with orange sauce

Lamb Shank 

Roasted halibut with porcini mushroom sauce and rosemary oil

Roasted venison loin and red wine sauce

Roasted cod fish with sea urchin crust served with yellow wine sauce and caviar

Beef tenderloin with caramelised onions and red wine sauce

Flambeing the vanilla creme brulee, burn it up!

Vanilla souffle, warm, fluffy and soft = da best

Caramelised apple tart with olive oil

Crispy Valrhona warm chocolate cake

Complimentary birthday cake

Customized giraffe cake from Cake Avenue Singapore