Prince Mizu Is 2!

Mizu the prince of the family turned Two years old today, why prince? Because my sister and everyone else treats him like a prince and he really acts like one, too pampered I say! He first came to our family when he was 2months old then he was just so small but now he has grown so big and is a full grown dachshund! So my sister went to buy those part items such as plates, decorations and balloons for this “mini” birthday party and we had Mizu put on his tie collar. My sister made a birthday cake that consists of minced chicken, chicken liver and turkey bacon, as for the frosting it’s made up of honey and goat’s cheese as it doesn’t contain lactose therefore suitable for dogs to consume. 


The cake

IMG_0450Birthday boy chomping down his piece of cake

IMG_0449Forever hungry princess Tehya

IMG_0418Old man Maomao had trouble eating the cake by itself so my sister had to ripped it into pieces and hand feed him.

IMG_0452Hyperactive + forever hungry Roslyn

IMG_0453My baby Tristan who got the biggest slice of cake and I think he was very full eating it.

IMG_0447These are actually photos from my phone, more photos in the camera!


Dinner at Skirt, The boldest grill @W hotel, Sentosa Cove. We were thinking why did we not order any of their steaks when our mains arrived. Anyway I miss their comfy seats! 

Pictures taken with iPhone 5

The Salt & Pepper grinder!

I love their cutlery! So pretty and classy!

Complimentary bread, the seaweed dipping sauce is so yummy!

Grilled king prawns, split and peppered

Shellfish squid ink linguine with shallot cream. This was suppose to be hot starters but it came out cold, I like the shallot cream though.

Maine lobster with grilled fennel and seaweed cream

White bean gnocchi with roasted garlic and truffle sauce. This dish seriously lacks of the sauce, there’s only smears of it.

Flamed Granny smithand thyme granola crumble with caramel liquid.