Breathe in, breathe out and be at peace. I can pass through this time round as well.




So I had my one day attachment at a preschool @My first skool at punggol central, I was really nervous the night before and couldn’t really sleep. However it all when well, I’ve to say I really enjoyed my day there and really gonna miss those kids they are so adorable aww.

I’m really surprised that the kids approached me first and sticks to all day long, they will go “teacher Joan, teacher Joan” aww so cute. In the morning I was attached to the toddlers and they can’t really express to words but they understands what you’re saying and abide the rules, I was quite surprised at how clever they are. The time to put them to sleep was so memorable they were so cute and I had to pat their butty or stroke their backs to sleep, but it was a torture to look at them take their naps but I can’t nap myself.

After nap time I was then attached to the K1s whom were more chaotic group but they are good kids. There is this Jordan who is the story teller boy whom introduced everyone from his class to me and told me who is whose girlfriend or boyfriend<- that I’m shocked, and his mouth just go non-stop and wants to stick to me all the time another thing is he asked for my number can you believe it?! And he wrote “I ♥ teacher Joan” on a piece of paper and passed it to me aww. There is Erika who really likes to sit on my lap and was sad that I wasn’t gonna come for another day. Zachary who is the Mr popular and likes to flirt at this age I wonder what’s gonna happen when he gets older anyway he will come and sit on my lap then hug me and kiss me on the cheek which caught me by surprise!

This one day attachment helped me learned alot, it’s a good exposure. And I’m better with kids than adults, they are so innocent adorable and they don’t judge, I can just talk/approach them without feeling shy or scared.