Overflow Of Words.

Most of the things about me are hard to explain, I guess,  like how I’m mostly delusional and live in a half-imaginary world, but am also a realist to the core. I’m just a bunch of contradictions most of the time and I don’t like it, but I also do.

– Marianna Paige


Tristan’s 3rd/21st!♥♥♥

Tristan had his 3rd birthday and 21st in human years yesterday 26′ March, we had a small celebration at night. I had him wear his tuxedo that I bought from taiwan and he is so handsome! *kisses*

His dinner was a beef pot pie that my sister bought for him from US doggie bakery, and a piece of rib-eye steak that I bought and pan-seared for him. The cake was also from US doggie bakery it smells like blueberry and looks like a normal cake. Tristan received loves from family, getting all the preaents. 

Wanted to get him a dog house yesterday at Joy doggy but it was out of stock so gotta wait for 1-2 weeks. And the dog house is so damn expensive, it better last!


Baby with his Mariah


Birthday cake that sister bought for him ❤


“Tristan blow the candles!”



With his nanny~



He just chomped down his big slice of birthday cake!


Mizu in action trying to steal Tristan’s present

Too Quick.

School will be starting tomorrow, one week of holiday is seriously not enough and time passes too quickly. Not yet done with everything I’ve planned to do, and didn’t touch on any of my 2 assignments:( Just gonna complete on Walking dead’s season 2 tonight and patiently wait for my next one week of holiday which is 3days later, comes fast but after that will be practicum which I feel nervous and lost.

And baby boy’s 3rd birthday falls on Tuesday, don’t know if I have the time to make him a cake, still gotta get him present either toys or bones perhaps? Might be skipping tuesday’s afternoon lesson to prepare his birthday, he is more important 😀

❀Flowers and Greens❃

Went to Gardens by the bay with mummy and sisters, actually I was being dragged by mum. The weather this week have been scorching, before we left house I looked out of the window and that moment I was scared of stepping out of the house. Thank God the weather was not as hot and kinda windy. Had lunch there and proceeded to Cloud forest followed by Flower dome, we left Super tree for the next visit. The flowers are so beautiful and I think I’m a good botanical photographer 😛 below are some photos that I took today~ hearts❤


One ugly cactus

One ugly cactus

So pretty but it pricks

So pretty but it pricks



Favorite of all...❤

Favorite of all…❤

They have such cute Easter displays:)

They have such cute Easter displays:)


My sister's hatred towards lilies, which caused her to have puffy eyes and fever!

My sister’s hatred towards lilies, which caused her to have puffy eyes and fever!

❤ them so..

❤ them so..

It’s like a ferries wheel that goes round and round, the star that can’t be grasp, how will I be able to forget?