I’m scared that you won’t be waiting on the other side.



Ended first week of practicum, and it seemed time flew passed. I’m reporting at 9am-2pm instead of 8am-1pm since the childcare requested as children will come in at 9am. I’ve been attached to the k2 class, after the first day I thought that my life would be hard for the practicum because the children in the class were notorious (most of them) but they were a bunch of cute kids.

They wouldn’t listen to me and somehow couldn’t care less about my instructions but starting from the second day after knowing me better they would listen a little. Also I’ve learnt from the teachers on how to manage them so I’ve to be more firm, oohh and there is this magic word which they are afraid of which is “playgroup” they would behave after hearing that haha

P.S I miss the kids so…