Blessing In Disguise.


So I think this experience to me is a blessing in disguise as I get to know who are the ones that really care about me and supported me. How loving my family treated me especially my mum and sisters; they got angry together with me, did things to cheer me up, accommodate with me, stayed by my side when I was feeling down. 

The reason I’m sad was about how it ended and being kept in the dark for so long, you doing so many things being my back, and being told a great deal of lies. When you should know best that it’s the only thing that I can’t stand AT ALL. I know there were problems between us but we/me don’t voice out and we were just dragging on and on, passing days after days as it is, however that doesn’t mean you can treat me this way, I’m no cheap slut like her. I can’t say that I won’t miss you, but I’m done dwelling in these anger, disappointment and sadness. I’m moving on… 

P.S I’ve met a couple of pricks in my life but you’re a freaking cactus. 

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