Xmas two thousand fourteen.

Christmas have always been the only celebration that I look forward to every year, it is such a joyous occasion. This year I spent Christmas eve with the boyfriend, had dinner at Pasta Brava although nothing really fantastic about the place but spending time with the boyfriend is blissful enough.☺️ I always have the impression of turkey being dry and distasteful, yet I was pretty impressed with my turkey breast as it wasn’t dry and goes really well with the sauce. Desserts on the other hand were bad. Oh I think the best dish I had that night was their pasta, well it’s an italian restaurant so pasta dishes cannot be too awful anyway💁

So coincidentally we bought each other watch for Christmas present haha actually I thought of buying Daniel wellington for him as well but changed my mind!

As usual spent the actual Christmas with my family, grandparents, relatives and boyfriend came over to our house for buffet we ordered from Mum’s kitchen. We were so looking forward to the buffet after reading through the menu thinking it would be great. However, after trying the food we all thought it was nothing superb, kind of a let down. Another thing is the most loathsome matter about my Christmas night was that my parents invited my brother’s girlfriend over as well and that bitch went to everyone acting all familiar *roll my eyes* gross shit. Bitch please, everyone hates you and you know that, hence can you please control yourself😒 Anyhow I think she has a tactic to try and stir shit in the family, she would come and talk to us and purposely bring up subjects that would make us upset, she really is a freaking cunning woman.


Kenneth Cole watch I bought for Sherman!❤️

So proud of my own wrapping haha

So proud of my own wrapping haha

Classy Oxford from bb

Classy Oxford from bb










Dear Santa,

If you’re ever real it would be great for you to get me anyone of these for Christmas. 😉

Larrson & Jennings | Läder watch.

Larrson & Jennings | Läder watch.

Daniel Wellington | Classic Sheffield Lady, Sliver

Daniel Wellington | Classic Sheffield Lady, Sliver/Gold.

Daniel Wellington | Classy Oxford.

Mansur Gavriel | Bucket Bag, Flamma.

Mansur Gavriel | Bucket Bag, Flamma.

Sigma | Makeup brushes, Mr Bunny.

Sigma | Makeup brushes, Mr Bunny.

YSL | Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, 207 Rose Perfecto.

YSL | Rouge Pur Couture The Mats, 207 Rose Perfecto.

Miista | Clarissa.

Miista | Clarissa.

7 Reasons Why Friends Who Love To Eat Are The Best Type Of Friends.

A friend who appreciates food as much as you do is the best friend of all. They know that feasting is always a good idea and that happiness indeed comes in a basket of cheese fries. They also get that the time and place for food is actually any time and any place. Bad day? Let’s eat. Great day? Let’s eat! Annoyed? Let’s freaking eat. These friends make for the best friends, and here’s why:

1. They understand when you’re hungry, and they don’t take it personally.

You shouldn’t apologize for what you said when you were hungry, and they don’t make you. They respect your need for food, and instead of getting pissed at you for being hungry as hell, they’re either ordering from the nearest take-out place or driving you to wherever you want to go.

2. They will never judge you for how much food you order.

Life is filled with hard decisions; choosing what entree to order should not be one of them. There’s a mutual understanding that you can order two appetizers and a main course without feeling ashamed. Buffalo wings or nachos? No, no, buffalo wings andnachos.

3. You always have something to do together.

When you are eating, you’re bonding. This person is always ready to try new places and new foods, which makes for the best adventures. There’s something about sharing a plate of fried calamari that leads to the best life chats and even better friendships.

4. They know that food calories are sometimes better than drinking calories.

Staying in and eating is more than acceptable and highly encouraged by your foodie friend. It’s totally fine with them if you’re not in the mood to go out drinking because you’re saving drinking calories, which means you have so much room for food calories.
Bonus: Fried rice does not come with a hangover.

5. Ordering five plates of food for the two of you is the norm.

“Let’s just order everything on the menu and share” is basically your motto. You aren’t sure about those two specials of the day, but you know you can count on the lobster mac and cheese, fried zucchini sticks, and pot of fries, so you’ll just have them all. You have your sharing order down to a science.

6. They know that drunk-munching is important and that just a bag of chips won’t cut it.

Real friends let friends drunk-munch. But drunken eats are entirely different for you two than to non-foodies. Homemade buffalo chicken dip at 3 in the morning or cooking pasta? Yes, that is how drunching is done right.

7. They know your favorite food and how it can make anything better.

Whether it is something great that needs to be celebrated or something bad that you need to feel better about, they will be there with a plate of mozzarella sticks. Food fixes everything and they know that, but more importantly they know your favorite order and favorite restaurant.

By Danielle Tullo

P.S Totally describes me and the bff.😂

Perfect X’mas.🎄

The most splendid christmas would be spending it at a place filled with pure white snow with a huge ass Christmas tree and streets full of Christmas lights. One day I would spend my christmas over at NYC.