Two Thousand Fifteen.

First post of this new year, happy new year although I’m kinda late!😅 Can’t get used to this new year yet since I don’t feel any difference, I’m constantly replying others that I will be starting school next year when being asked (too used to this answer), in fact it’s this coming march😓 I feel pretty apprehensive about this new year because there will be new beginnings as a result of decisions made in 2014. As usual I’m praying hard that it will be a good year for me, 2013 wasn’t all pleasant but 2014 was horrible totally horrendous, it’s the worst year I’ve had so far. Countless of awful incidents have happened throughout the whole year though there were a few high notes, but still not enough to wipe off the low ones. SO 2015 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A GREAT YEAR.🙏🙏🙏