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Nathalie Sorokine


Pineapple “Tarts”

Chinese new year is just around the corner and recently I’ve made the traditional pineapple tart with a twist. So instead of having the pastry tart base underneath the pineapple jam, I made meringue as the base. I decided to make the pineapple jam from scratch rather than using store bought ones, not knowing that it takes about an hour for the jam to thicken😪 but oh well💁 Overall, my modern pineapple tart was pretty much a successful one although it’s on a slightly sweeter side when I’ve already reduced the amount of sugar in the jam, still it’a good. Alright, till next time then!💪





Gosh the meringue is so glossy and nice👍

Gosh the meringue is so glossy and nice👍



All packed up!

All packed up!