“Marry A Man Who Can Cook”

So they say…

The thought of green curry came to mind and I went “I wanna eat green curry, can you cook for me?” then came the “okay”. And TA DAA.. Green curry that baby cooked it was sooo damn delicious, better than what I’ve tasted outside!😍👍

Green Curry with chicken, bamboo shoot, mushroom and aubergine.

P.S Thanks for fulfilling my request, ❤️ you.



Some human is such an ass or probably more like a weirdo. We obviously didn’t do anything that is offensive so there is no reason for doing that, it’s just a plain weird and childish act. We are still okay with that, but it’s not okay telling lies and making us look like we have wronged you and we being the bad ones. Just so you know that’s clearly my picture you have used😒 it’s just really really odd man, what you have done and still use it.