On, Off Situation.

Sometimes you let them in again, and I’m not sure if that makes you brave or foolish because there’s always the risk of being hurt or left with more scars.


I don’t get why you all wanna torment us over and over again with that bitch’s presence, we detest her for god sake and will never ever accept her into the family. Since when do we invite girlfriends/boyfriends over for parents birthday dinner so don’t give fucking excuses like inviting her out of politeness, freaking bullshit! If both of you have cared about our feelings in the slightest bit then you all wouldn’t have invited her over even for a birthday dinner, apparently our feelings are not being given a fuck. Give me a break for fuck sake! Thank god after the little sister is leaving for Perth to study I do not have to celebrate any birthdays with the both of you.


P.S So freaking jealous of the big sister who is in London and not having to go through all these shits.