For The Better.

Sherman and I have agreed to change our lifestyle so as to be able to spend more time with my baby Tristan. Therefore we will be bringing him for trail and long walks on alternate Saturdays, exploring more new places in this small city that we are living in. “Small city” yup that’s one of the problem, there aren’t many dog friendly places in Singapore and not all parks such as nature reserve allow dogs thus, we would run out of places to explore pretty soon? Yes, there can be a lot of parks here but they are mostly small which doesn’t offer long walks. Any how we will be visiting Labrador park this coming Saturday!  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

We brought Tristan to Green Corridor aka the Bukit Timah railway tracks on his birthday however, we didn’t exactly complete the whole course as we were short of time. But that’s okay this gives us more chance to head back there. It’s really a nice place for walks although there are many times that Tristan wanted to dash into the bushes to chase god knows what🙄 don’t even wanna think what it is.😐

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✕No Exit✕

I thought that if I were to brave through March I would be able to live peacefully for the rest of the year but… Apparently not

☝🏻Just inform me about the wedding date is good enough. No☝🏻 don’t ask me if I want a tailor made dress for the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t tell me any more details about the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t ask me or ask me to do anything for the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t even let me think anything about it. No☝🏻do not affect my life anymore. No, I will not attend the wedding.

No matter what to me it’s the worst match also the worst and stupidest wedding of the century. The thought of having to see the face that I hate so much (which looks like precious from lord of the rings for your info☝🏻) makes me feel like drowning.