Barely Hanging On.

I’m almost there, graduating in about 2 weeks time. Although convocation would be March’17. Dissertation submission on the 1st and GMC submission on the 7th, and I’m done with school!👏🏻👏🏻 I would be flying to Korea even before GMC submission so I have to rush the assignment and be half dead while at it though the good thing is that it’s only 2k words; soooo I would probably survive it.

First dissertation submission uh uh the struggle is real, I only have one week left to complete it but there are so much left to do and edit what I’ve already done. No idea why all of the sudden time passes in a snap of fingers and I am left with so little time.😢

Oh god I’m so done with school my brains are fried, can’t believe Dad wants me to take up Masters after this, hell no! However, after this what should I do? Not study so I’m left with the choice of …. hmmmmmmm… hmmmmmmm… w o r k? 😕

Currently lost with what lies in the future as I have no idea what I wanna do or more like what I wanna work as…

Gotta spend time cracking my head but before that I will spend time enjoying myself🤗