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So it has been about 2 years since my last post and I am thinking of taking back up on blogging again. Guessing I just needed a space to let out my thoughts, and it’s quite a good hobby to practice on my language skills as well.

2 years just passed like a swift of wind, a lot has happened over the years. I have gained things, lost things, had happy occurrences, sad occurrences, feelings of regrets, eye-opening incidents be it good and bad, also letting go of feelings that I have been holding on for years; and at the same time learning from all these experiences.

Most importantly trying to find myself during my sabbatical. I have a tentative idea of what I wanna do but there is also obstacles proving it difficult to work in that direction. How I wished I was exposed to different aspects of life and gaining more knowledge during the early days then I prolly wouldn’t struggle that much?

And recently I feel as if I have once more begun to experience the throbbing pain of a wound I had forgotten. I thought that I have made every effort in me to forget those feelings but apparently not? It makes me wonder what am I doing with my life what choices have I made or what choices do I have to make.

All in all there is an upcoming project that I am working on which I am extremely excited about and can’t wait for it to launch although there is that feeling of apprehensive going on while I work on it. There are so many ups and downs that is on going and I constantly have to remind myself to hang on to it and brave through the storm but gosh every thing is so expensive! Gotta find a way around it to low the cost as much as possible cos who in the right mind wouldn’t?

P.S I am still learning.


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