Sweets Of Life.


Happy Moments.

Got my nails painted pink yesterday!

Baked Chocolate whoopies with Matcha buttercream!

Chocolate Whoopies~!

After assembling the whoopie pies~
Finally got to meet Hun!♥

After makeup and heading out 🙂

Asian Kitchen for dinner!


In Hun’s room while he went for a shower:)

Home at 5am in the morning 😀

Mother’s Day Special~

♥ My Mum & Mama’s Cake:

Into the box~

– Genoise Sponge

– Banana whipped cream

– Sliced banana & Nutella

A card for mummy♥

♥ Melvin’s Mum’s Cake:

Into the box~

– Chocolate cake

– Vanilla whipped cream

– Sliced banana & Caramel sauce


♥ Presents for those -_- mushrooms:

Butter cookies with jam.