4 weeks ago I brought back a new dog, a new female golden retriever and named her Sora which means sky in Japanese. I got her from her previous owner who wanted to sell her off and the reasons were that, they were both working and have no time for her etc.. Then why get a dog in the first place? She was two months old then close to three months, she was very bite-ty due to her teething it got slightly better when I provided her with puppy teething toys.

For the first night Sora stayed at the boyfriend’s place as I didn’t wanna bring her back and introduce her to the other dogs at home abruptly. She was really well behaved, she knows how to pee on the pet sheet and doesn’t bark; such an angel. But… she has become more and more devilish now, not a little terror but a little devil. Though, now and then when we goes to the boyfriend’s house she would still put up that angel act, and everyone would praise at how well behaved she is. Such a drama queen🙄

Other than her personality that is growing, her size is growing as well, the car seat and her bed are becoming too small for her. For the past 2 weeks she grew 2kg, weighing 6.9kg at 3months old though the vet said it’s okay as she is active. Yup, we have an active little one here and extremely greedy for food.

She is a little different from Tristan when he was younger, more active and devilish however she did learn how to pee on pet sheet quick while Tristan took awhile. Tristan wasn’t so obsessed with food at Sora’s age though he is now😒 Also Tristan doesn’t shed as much as Sora, she sheds A LOT no kidding. 

Looking at how things are now, Sora would presumably out grow Tristan in the future. Loving them both💋

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First day she came to my house!

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First week in the car seat.


3rd week in the car seat, it’s getting too small for her.

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P.S Oh yeah, she is the Queen of Poop, pooping at least 4-5times a day.

For The Better.

Sherman and I have agreed to change our lifestyle so as to be able to spend more time with my baby Tristan. Therefore we will be bringing him for trail and long walks on alternate Saturdays, exploring more new places in this small city that we are living in. “Small city” yup that’s one of the problem, there aren’t many dog friendly places in Singapore and not all parks such as nature reserve allow dogs thus, we would run out of places to explore pretty soon? Yes, there can be a lot of parks here but they are mostly small which doesn’t offer long walks. Any how we will be visiting Labrador park this coming Saturday!  🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

We brought Tristan to Green Corridor aka the Bukit Timah railway tracks on his birthday however, we didn’t exactly complete the whole course as we were short of time. But that’s okay this gives us more chance to head back there. It’s really a nice place for walks although there are many times that Tristan wanted to dash into the bushes to chase god knows what🙄 don’t even wanna think what it is.😐

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Happy Birthday my Baby boy!🎀

To be honest I know I haven’t been the best owner to you for the past 6 years but I promise you that I will try to be better and better so please bear with me. But there is no doubt that I love you!♥︎ Also stop growing older pleaseee🙏🏻 I’m getting really anxious as I see more and more of your facial furs turning white😢



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I miss my sisters so much but each one of them are currently at different part of the world, I wonder when will be the next time we will be able to get together again. Although we communicate with each other through whatsapp almost every single day and FaceTime on some days but how is facing a technological device the same as facing a lively human being? Missing those times that we spent together, me barging into their rooms just to disturb them or to talk to them when I have a problem. With them around everything feels so much better and making me a stronger person, who am I to lean on in this house now? How do I fight when I’m all alone.

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there. With them around then can I call home.

“Marry A Man Who Can Cook”

So they say…

The thought of green curry came to mind and I went “I wanna eat green curry, can you cook for me?” then came the “okay”. And TA DAA.. Green curry that baby cooked it was sooo damn delicious, better than what I’ve tasted outside!😍👍

Green Curry with chicken, bamboo shoot, mushroom and aubergine.

P.S Thanks for fulfilling my request, ❤️ you.

Pineapple “Tarts”

Chinese new year is just around the corner and recently I’ve made the traditional pineapple tart with a twist. So instead of having the pastry tart base underneath the pineapple jam, I made meringue as the base. I decided to make the pineapple jam from scratch rather than using store bought ones, not knowing that it takes about an hour for the jam to thicken😪 but oh well💁 Overall, my modern pineapple tart was pretty much a successful one although it’s on a slightly sweeter side when I’ve already reduced the amount of sugar in the jam, still it’a good. Alright, till next time then!💪





Gosh the meringue is so glossy and nice👍

Gosh the meringue is so glossy and nice👍



All packed up!

All packed up!

Xmas two thousand fourteen.

Christmas have always been the only celebration that I look forward to every year, it is such a joyous occasion. This year I spent Christmas eve with the boyfriend, had dinner at Pasta Brava although nothing really fantastic about the place but spending time with the boyfriend is blissful enough.☺️ I always have the impression of turkey being dry and distasteful, yet I was pretty impressed with my turkey breast as it wasn’t dry and goes really well with the sauce. Desserts on the other hand were bad. Oh I think the best dish I had that night was their pasta, well it’s an italian restaurant so pasta dishes cannot be too awful anyway💁

So coincidentally we bought each other watch for Christmas present haha actually I thought of buying Daniel wellington for him as well but changed my mind!

As usual spent the actual Christmas with my family, grandparents, relatives and boyfriend came over to our house for buffet we ordered from Mum’s kitchen. We were so looking forward to the buffet after reading through the menu thinking it would be great. However, after trying the food we all thought it was nothing superb, kind of a let down. Another thing is the most loathsome matter about my Christmas night was that my parents invited my brother’s girlfriend over as well and that bitch went to everyone acting all familiar *roll my eyes* gross shit. Bitch please, everyone hates you and you know that, hence can you please control yourself😒 Anyhow I think she has a tactic to try and stir shit in the family, she would come and talk to us and purposely bring up subjects that would make us upset, she really is a freaking cunning woman.


Kenneth Cole watch I bought for Sherman!❤️

So proud of my own wrapping haha

So proud of my own wrapping haha

Classy Oxford from bb

Classy Oxford from bb