Barely Hanging On.

I’m almost there, graduating in about 2 weeks time. Although convocation would be March’17. Dissertation submission on the 1st and GMC submission on the 7th, and I’m done with school!👏🏻👏🏻 I would be flying to Korea even before GMC submission so I have to rush the assignment and be half dead while at it though the good thing is that it’s only 2k words; soooo I would probably survive it.

First dissertation submission uh uh the struggle is real, I only have one week left to complete it but there are so much left to do and edit what I’ve already done. No idea why all of the sudden time passes in a snap of fingers and I am left with so little time.😢

Oh god I’m so done with school my brains are fried, can’t believe Dad wants me to take up Masters after this, hell no! However, after this what should I do? Not study so I’m left with the choice of …. hmmmmmmm… hmmmmmmm… w o r k? 😕

Currently lost with what lies in the future as I have no idea what I wanna do or more like what I wanna work as…

Gotta spend time cracking my head but before that I will spend time enjoying myself🤗




I’m trying not to lose my calm. I’m trying not to become hysterical.

✕No Exit✕

I thought that if I were to brave through March I would be able to live peacefully for the rest of the year but… Apparently not

☝🏻Just inform me about the wedding date is good enough. No☝🏻 don’t ask me if I want a tailor made dress for the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t tell me any more details about the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t ask me or ask me to do anything for the wedding. No ☝🏻don’t even let me think anything about it. No☝🏻do not affect my life anymore. No, I will not attend the wedding.

No matter what to me it’s the worst match also the worst and stupidest wedding of the century. The thought of having to see the face that I hate so much (which looks like precious from lord of the rings for your info☝🏻) makes me feel like drowning. 



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I miss my sisters so much but each one of them are currently at different part of the world, I wonder when will be the next time we will be able to get together again. Although we communicate with each other through whatsapp almost every single day and FaceTime on some days but how is facing a technological device the same as facing a lively human being? Missing those times that we spent together, me barging into their rooms just to disturb them or to talk to them when I have a problem. With them around everything feels so much better and making me a stronger person, who am I to lean on in this house now? How do I fight when I’m all alone.

Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there. With them around then can I call home.

On, Off Situation.

Sometimes you let them in again, and I’m not sure if that makes you brave or foolish because there’s always the risk of being hurt or left with more scars.


I don’t get why you all wanna torment us over and over again with that bitch’s presence, we detest her for god sake and will never ever accept her into the family. Since when do we invite girlfriends/boyfriends over for parents birthday dinner so don’t give fucking excuses like inviting her out of politeness, freaking bullshit! If both of you have cared about our feelings in the slightest bit then you all wouldn’t have invited her over even for a birthday dinner, apparently our feelings are not being given a fuck. Give me a break for fuck sake! Thank god after the little sister is leaving for Perth to study I do not have to celebrate any birthdays with the both of you.


P.S So freaking jealous of the big sister who is in London and not having to go through all these shits.


Back from Tokyo, I miss everything there😢 7 more days till I’m bound for London finally gonna see the two fur kids and the sister! Exciteddd

Confessions Of A Shopaholic.


I deem myself as a shopaholic although not the worst kind, it’s extremely hard to not shop. People say buy what you need and not what you want but to me, I see everything that I want are what I need and there are so many things that I want/need. Whenever I go overseas or shopping trips I would be the one that ended up with the most buys, I try very hard to control myself but the struggle is real.😓