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Be Damned.


Am I not patient?

Am I not understanding?

Come and take them both.

On, Off Situation.

Sometimes you let them in again, and I’m not sure if that makes you brave or foolish because there’s always the risk of being hurt or left with more scars.


I don’t get why you all wanna torment us over and over again with that bitch’s presence, we detest her for god sake and will never ever accept her into the family. Since when do we invite girlfriends/boyfriends over for parents birthday dinner so don’t give fucking excuses like inviting her out of politeness, freaking bullshit! If both of you have cared about our feelings in the slightest bit then you all wouldn’t have invited her over even for a birthday dinner, apparently our feelings are not being given a fuck. Give me a break for fuck sake! Thank god after the little sister is leaving for Perth to study I do not have to celebrate any birthdays with the both of you.


P.S So freaking jealous of the big sister who is in London and not having to go through all these shits.


Back from Tokyo, I miss everything there😢 7 more days till I’m bound for London finally gonna see the two fur kids and the sister! Exciteddd

Confessions Of A Shopaholic.


I deem myself as a shopaholic although not the worst kind, it’s extremely hard to not shop. People say buy what you need and not what you want but to me, I see everything that I want are what I need and there are so many things that I want/need. Whenever I go overseas or shopping trips I would be the one that ended up with the most buys, I try very hard to control myself but the struggle is real.😓



Everything galls me; everything stultifies me; everything nauseates me. I have the distinct feeling that I shall always be unhappy, could become emotionally disturbed and melancholy.

– Franz Kafka


There’s always the thought and urge of running away from this place which should be my safe haven. I NEED and can’t wait to leave this place with these people, they are too unhealthy for my psychological well-being. Times where I find myself breaking down and cry which I don’t know the exact reason why, but little do I know where does the source comes from. There are also times that I found myself changed because there’s so much hate in me and I end up detesting the person I became. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.

Five years ago, yeah I would probably call it a sanctuary but all things have changed… people have changed. Foreseeing the situation becoming worse after March 2016 and I will be facing it alone. OHHH GODD FUCK THIS SHITTT

P.S I can’t stand it any longer… I really can’t